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Interior Exterior Engineering

We are ANS Engineerings one of the largest construction companies

Your home is an expression of yourself. It reflects who you are, your lifestyle, and your standard of living. So, it’s natural that you desire your home to inspire awe in the eyes of others. You want it to be comfortable, stylish, and functional. This is why interior designers are highly sought after, and the interior design market is growing faster than ever.

Total Initial Planning

First Working Process

Affordable Price


Completion of the projects with the scheduled time and within the budgeted cost with the utmost quality and maintaining the health, safety and environmental standards make us proud to claim ourselves as the best contractors in the market. Each project is treated individually and utmost care by all means to make it a successful endeavour.


Our Vision is to become the leading company in the industry with the support of our valued clients providing the satisfaction and thereby achieving our vision for the goal of glory. We are proud to be the part of challenging projects working with prominent consultants and contractors as a team for the successful completion of the projects. Together we make the dreams come true for our valued clients